TikTok Ads for Marketing

TikTok Ads for Marketing

Tips to Run TikTok Ads for Marketing Campaign of Your Shopify Store

Tips to Run TikTok Ads for Marketing Campaign of Your Shopify Store


With more than 800 million active users, TikTok gives a pool of opportunities to generate a huge amount of sales. It has become a valuable marketing channel for e-commerce stores, which target younger demographics. Moreover, Shopify has made managing the TikTok advertisement campaigns easier. Here, we have reviewed and shared the abilities of TikTok powered by Shopify in detail. Later, we will discuss a few things to make the most of the Shopify Store by using the TikTok platform.

Collaboration of Shopify with TikTok

Collaboration of Shopify with TikTok

According to the latest update of October 2020, users of Shopify may now create and manage their TikTok campaigns directly by using their existing Shopify account. For this, you have to download the TikTok app by visiting the Shopify App Store. Once you install it, you gain access to diverse features. These include the following-

TikTok for Your Business Account 

You may create a TikTok Business Account quickly and connect to your selected payment method by using your Shopify’s TikTok App.

TikTok for Your Business

Video Generator Tool 

You do not have to acquire experience in producing videos to create high-performing TikTok advertisements for your business. Instead, a video generator tool allows you to upload your product videos and images that you have to use in the advertisement. Later, the app follows other procedures to create TikTok advertisements automatically.

Audience Targeting 

TikTok social media platform allows you to target advertisements according to their locations, demographics, and behavioral options.

Installation via Single-click Pixel

Shopify-powered TikTok Pixel will provide you with certain codes to track the performance of your advertisement campaigns. Shopify merchants may use their TikTok Pixel before they enter a new partnership. Now, one can add a pixel without manipulating any code.

Campaign Analytics 

One can use valuable insights powered by TikTok Pixel to track and improve the performance related to your advertisement campaigns.

tik tok Campaign Analytics

The TikTok app by Shopify is not only available free of cost. Simultaneously, it gives an advertisement credit of $300 to help you start your first advertisement campaign. Excluding this, TikTok and Shopify are planning to roll out plenty of innovative features in the upcoming months. In Particular, they are planning to include features, by which users may browse products and place orders directly by using the TikTok app.

Tips to Use TikTok Marketing Feature and Ads for Shopify

Tips to Use TikTok Marketing Feature and Ads for Shopify

Once you install the TikTok app powered by Shopify and set up your TikTok Business account, you have to follow a few steps to launch your marketing or advertisement campaigns.

  1. Stay Aware of the Basics

You have to know a few of the basic technical requirements before moving ahead with creative TikTok ads. You have to focus on specifications related to your image advertisements, video advertisements, and others. These include the following-

Image Advertisement Requirements

  • You have to use a PNG or JPG type of image file and the size of the image should not be more than 500 KB.
  • The aspect ratio of your image must be 16:9 or 9:16.
  • We recommend you use a minimum of 1200 x 628 pixels image resolution.

Note-TikTok has an in-built image cropper tool, which you may use on images of almost every size. However, if you want to get the best results, we recommend you design images by considering the ratio requirements at an earlier phase.

Video Advertisement Requirements

Video advertisements have the same requirements related to the aspect ratio. However, you will have a few additional specifications, which are-

  • Your video file must be essentially less than 500 MB and the type of your video file should be anyone from AVI, 3GP, MPEG, MOV, or MP4.
  • Depending on your video’s aspect ratio, you may keep its resolution anything from 1280 x 780 pixels, 640 x 640 pixels, or 720 x 1080 pixels.
  • The duration of your video must be from a minimum of 5 seconds to a maximum of 60 seconds.

Name of the App or Brand

The brand name in the TikTok ad display should be from 2 characters to 20 characters. However, if you have to promote an app, its name should be between 4 characters and 40 characters.

Description of Your Ad

Whether you want to promote your brand or app, its description must be between 12 characters and 100 characters. Moreover, you cannot use any Emoji in the product description.

  1. Keep the Content Vertical

After this, you have to keep the content of your TikTok ad vertical. The vertical ratio of 9:16 will help you to blend your advertisements with organic content. Doing so will give a less jarring experience to your TikTok users. Hence, they will not skip your advertisement immediately. Instead, TikTok users will stick around for a long time to show their interest in whatever products you offer.

  1. Never Forget to Add Audio Features

The addition of audio features is an effective way to make the ad transition less jarring. The reason is that organic contents have some type of sound in it. Whether you choose simple background music or a voiceover, including audio will make your Shopify TikTok ads effective.

  1. Keep the Ads Short as Possible

You have to limit the length of your video advertisements to make sure that your TikTok users watch them regularly. Moreover, the TikTok platform encourages users to keep their span of attention short.

If your user does not find your video interesting or entertaining within a few seconds, your audience will hardly scroll down to any other video related to your Shopify store. In this situation, you must put effort to catch the attention of your users spontaneously. When you focus on creating eye-catching videos, you will keep your video ads short automatically. TikTok recommends you keep the length of your videos between 9 seconds and 15 seconds.

  1. Keep the Contents and Videos Fresh

TikTok recommends you update your advertisement contents at least once time week. Your ads become effective when anyone sees them for the first time. Moreover, when your users see the same advertisement repeatedly, they feel bored. In simple words, your target audience will stop paying attention to videos or advertisements. To avoid this, you must publish new ad content regularly and use your available marketing budget smartly.

  1. Never Overlook the Element of Call to Action

Call to action type of language is a crucial element in all forms and types of advertisement. Online marketers have to do much more than simply show prospects why they should purchase your products. Accordingly, you have to bump the conversion rate. For this, you have to motivate other TikTok users with Learn More, Buy Now, or any other direct command.

  1. Feature Essential Elements at the Center of Your Advertisement

TikTok may obscure any content displayed at the bottom of a device screen with d description. It may even crop content across the sides to accommodate diverse display sizes. Hence, you must make sure to feature a call to action and the name of the brand at the center of your TikTok ads.

  1. Make TikTok Ads Funny and Exciting 

Humor plays a vital role to make advertisement content stand out from the crowd. It is in particular helpful to approach the young audience of TikTok. Hence, you have to maintain a friendly tone in your content and embrace trending memes to entice the youngsters.


With the latest TikTok app by Shopify and valuable tips to promote TikTok ads, you may easily convert the massive user base into many customers for your Shopify store.


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