PushEngage- Increase Engagement with Web Push Notifications

Did you know that it costs five times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing customer? PushEngage– Push notifications that are sent at the right time and convey value to the subscriber lower cart abandonment and increase conversions for the Shopify e-commerce brands. All it happens with a Smart Push Notification.

When you know the importance of repeat customers, how will you persuade them to frequently purchase from your store? How will you create a brand recall for these users?

A good way to do this is by using web push notifications.

Since push notifications are delivered in real-time on a user’s browser, the chances of missing the notification are low and they usually result in higher engagement.

💡 What is a web push notification?

Web push notifications are small pop-up messages you receive on your desktop or mobile browser. These notifications let a brand engage with a customer even when they’re not using the website.

💡 What is PushEngage?

PushEngage offers personalized web push notifications using the automatic segmentation of your subscribers and auto-responders to send them notifications. PushEngage support triggered and personalized campaigns like Cart Abandonment, Price Alerts, Browse Abandonment based on user events & fully personalized.

Platform Supported:

  • Chrome on Web and Android
  • Firefox on Web and Mobile
  • Safari for Desktop
  • Samsung internet browser
  • Edge on Desktop
  • Opera on Desktop and Mobile
  • UC Browser on Mobile

Once visitors subscribers to your push notification, you can auto-update visitors about your new post. The visitor will receive your push notification even when they are not on your website. You can even segment your subscribers based on their interests and re-engage them with relevant push notifications.



💲 Pricing- You Can start with a 14-day free trial

💡 Multiple Different Notification Types

You can use PushEngage to send lots of different types of notifications. These include new blog post notifications, product announcements, cart abandonment reminders, triggered notifications, website monetization messages, and personalized messages.

💡 Contextual Triggered Notifications

PushEngage lets you send notifications when a certain trigger occurs. A great way to use this is to let customers set up price alert notifications. When the price of a product drops, they’ll automatically get a notification (along with a product image and link).

💡 Automatic Drip Campaigns

You can easily set up a series of notification messages that will go out automatically. For instance, you might try a welcome campaign to engage new users or a cross-sell campaign to promote products to users who’ve already purchased.

💡 Targeted Breaking News Alerts

Media and news companies naturally want to keep their large audience updated via breaking news alerts. PushEngage provides them with the perfect platform to create and send targeted news alerts to a specific audience. Its segmentation capabilities allow them to create news alerts for a specific demographic, thereby increasing readership and subscription.

💡 Offline Notifications

Users don’t need to be on your website, or even online when you send notifications. They’ll see your notifications as soon as they’re back online using their computer or device.

💡 Personalization

Make your push notifications more effective using personalization. It’s easy with PushEngage, where you can segment users either manually or automatically. This lets you target users with exactly what they want.

💡 Dynamic Segmentation

PushEngage offers dynamic segmentation, automatically segmenting your push notification subscribers based on their actions. Plus, your users will be put into geographical segments for their city and country, making it easy for you to create hyper-localized offers.

💡 A/B Testing

Using A/B testing lets you ensure that your push notifications are as effective as possible. PushEngage makes it easy with lots of options for A/B testing. You can test the notification title, message, image(s), action button text, and more.

💡 Cart Abandonment Reminder

Cart abandonment is a common issue among many e-commerce businesses. While many send cart abandonment emails to reach out to their customers, many of these emails end up unopened. Web push notifications have a better view rate (up to 90%). PushEngage helps businesses bring their cart abandonment cases down with its personalized push notifications sent to users via their desktops and mobile devices that they actually read.

💡 Goal Tracking & Analytics

See how your push campaigns are doing using PushEngage’s powerful goal tracking and analytics tools. You easily see stats on your subscribers, views, and CTR. You can also dig into detailed analytics to see which opt-in funnels are working best, how your individual notification messages are performing, and more.

💡 Deep eCommerce Integrations

PushEngage has powerful integration tools. It works seamlessly with WooCommerce, and with eCommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce.

💡 Scheduled Notifications for Different Timezones

PushEngage lets you Schedule push notifications so you don’t miss sending notifications during the weekend, or on vacation. Schedule your notifications to be sent in the subscriber’s time zone and when they are most active.

💡 Custom Domains & Branding

PushEngage lets you easily use your own branded custom domain for your push notifications. You can set up a sub-domain at your main domain (e.g. notify.wpbeginner.com for the domain wpbeginner.com). That way, users can instantly see that your notifications are from you.

💡 GDPR Compliant

If you have visitors from the EU (European Union), then your website needs to be compliant with GDPR. PushEngage is fully GDPR compliant, so you can safely use it on your site. There are lots of options you can set to make it clear that users are consenting to notifications and to make it easy for them to unsubscribe.

💡 Multiple Platform Integrations

PushEngage works with WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Magneto, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, Joomla, Drupal, and any HTML website.

🥳 Emoji Support

Send a notification with Emoji. Emoji adds to the personalization of notifications. Emoji helps in getting higher conversion rates.

💡 PushEngage Analytics Dashboard

Optimize your campaigns using the Push Analytics data. Check out how each notification performed. Analyze to see which days, notifications, campaigns are giving you the best result and accordingly make changes in your push notification strategy.

💡 PushEngage Push Notification is Better than Email Marketing?

Push Notification Vs Email: There will always be a debate on whether to use email or push notification. Shopify Push Notifications are delivered in real-time on the user’s browser and lead to a higher open rate than e-mail. Moreover, in a single click users can subscribe to Push Notifications and results in a higher subscription rate.

💡 Awards



💡 Overview of PushEngage Benefits


Push notifications impart instant information even when the user is not on your website. The effectiveness is further reiterated by the fact that with the right offers they help re-engage with existing customers. Enable push notifications on Shopify and get more traffic, It Increase Click Rates Dramatically.

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