How To Successfully Use Live Chat For Your Ecommerce Store

Use Live Chat For Your Ecommerce Store

Using Live Chat for Your Ecommerce Store can be an incredibly powerful tool for interacting with your eCommerce visitors and customers. it can increase customer satisfaction and boost your sales.

💡 TIP: Be Conversational

It’s important to be conversational with your customers when talking to them on live chat, just like you would in a brick-and-mortar store. Without any face-to-face interaction, visitors could be skeptical of you and may even think that your live chat is automated or a chatbot. You need to show them that there’s actually someone human at the other end, typing out their answers.

Of course, if you are conversational in the way you interact, customers are more likely to leave happy and then they’re more likely to return in the future. A good live chat experience can be extremely positive, but a bad one may turn customers away from your store for good.

💡 TIP: Answers customers’ questions before they become hesitations

When a customer has a question and can’t find the answer right away, they’re likely to hesitate before making a purchase. Those questions quickly turn into doubts.

Say a customer has a question about shipping costs to their city, but there’s no place to get an answer while they’re on your website. The shopper might not feel confident that the shipping cost will be reasonable and may start to doubt if buying the product is worth it.

💡 TIP: Handle Multiple Customers at The Same Time

Live chat allows you to handle multiple chats at the same time, reduces the average response time, and improves customer satisfaction levels. Save time by using canned responses to send instant answers to the frequently asked questions by customers.

💡 TIP: Perfect Product Recommendations

It’s really irritating when you can’t decide if you’ve found the right product or not (and can lead to the customer leaving for a competitor that does help them to decide). It’s even worse when you have to return a product that you order because it doesn’t fit or doesn’t work with the other tech that you bought it for.

The right recommendation based on the customer’s wants and needs can make your customer, and your bottom line, happy.

💡 TIP: Optimize for Mobile

You can’t afford to ignore optimizing your live chats for mobile. According to research by Stone Temple, 58 percent of site visits come from mobile devices, and that number is steadily inclining.

If your website’s live chat feature isn’t compatible with mobile and non-desktop users, you’re neglecting more than half of your audience and missing out on potential sales and new, loyal customers.

💡 TIP: Reports

Reports allow you to keep track of your metrics and improve your service wherever needed.

The most important metrics you should keep your eye on the total number of chats (and confront it with the number of your agents), the first response time (keep it as low as possible), and chat satisfaction (the indicator of how happy your customers are).

If any of these metrics differ from your industry’s benchmark, it’s a sign there’s room for improvement.

💡 TIP: Stay Personable

Unless using a bot to triage live chat requests is part of your strategy, customers expect to get a human on the other end of the line. Your chat should feel like a great in-store experience, similar to a conversation with your favorite coffee shop barista. Don’t be afraid to share your personal favorite products and why you love them. Your shoppers will appreciate that you’ve tried (and love) all of your products yourself.

💡 TIP: Make sure your live chat option is easy to find

Don’t limit access to live chat to your Contact Us page. Your live chat messenger should be visible on every product page, so long as it’s not constantly interrupting your shoppers while they’re browsing. For example, Shopify Chat and Apple Business Chat are made available on every page of a business’s online store up until checkout.

Note: In this article, we’ve shown you how to use live chat effectively. The option has various benefits that can take your online brand soaring above your competitors. The main benefit is live chat dramatically increases your store’s conversions.


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