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In the age of communication, using the Internet to generate revenue is a great and common way to earn money that has attracted many people. E-commerce has become one of the fastest-growing industries, and Amazon can be cited as a successful example. Many newcomers to this field think that it is easy to move forward, but day by day the competition in e-commerce is increasing and you have to introduce a unique product in this market to customers with its price. Finished to buy. Many believe that in e-commerce you can start a repayment business without any initial capital and get rich quickly. But you have to be realistic because this investment is not always profitable. You need to invest in social media marketing and sales, do a lot of e-commerce SEO, and with all that, there is no guarantee that your product will sell quickly because you have so many competitors. There are many people who have started an online business and quickly regret it. Because in the first months, instead of being profitable, they have to pay countless recurring expenses.

We do not blame them because in e-commerce you win and you lose as usual. For example, I have to say that in 2017, 23% of all online sales were made through dropshipping, and that’s almost $ 85 billion a year, which is amazing. With a simple glance, we can see that dropshipping is a successful online business that can really make a lot of money for its users. But this is not easy at all and you need patience and careful planning to succeed. It may take months for you to make a good profit in a business. Nowadays, with the advent of fast selling tools, product search has become much easier and you can earn money even in the first week of work. This tool is free or costs little. But finding the right tools is very difficult because a large number of them are emerging every day. 

Ecomhunt is a great tool for product research. As a result, in this section, we look at EcomHunt.

💡 What is Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is a tool that helps e-commerce business owners increase their sales by selling winning products online.

In fact, each product is selected by e-commerce experts based on criteria such as newness, high social media engagement, and hot selling in other e-commerce stores. But you should note that this product update should be based on the quality of the product on the market (not quantity), because if we focus on quality products, bad products will be reduced in the market and quality products due to more access to products. They become bestsellers.

💡 How does EcomHunt work?

EcomHunt helps you choose the best and best-selling products online when searching for the products you want. So you will not engage your mind to choose the right product and instead, you can focus on other areas and grow your e-commerce.

Experts at EcomHunt introduce several high-quality and best-selling products to e-commerce business owners every day, and this update helps users choose the winning products from a variety of products. These products contain the following data:

  • Profit
  • analyze
  • engagement
  • Links
  • Facebook ads
  • Product videos

Users can sell winning products on any e-commerce platform. Platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay and Amazon, etc. With this tool, you will have access to the latest sales and winning products every day.

Ecomhunt allows users to connect with the stores that sell these winning products, and from there access other high-quality or best-selling products that they can add to their online store. By doing this, you can easily access a large number of quality products.

 EcomHunt also allows its users to have a 30-day money-back guarantee for their services if they are not satisfied. This allows users to use their services with confidence because they can easily receive their money if their expectations are not met within 30 days.

What does the introduction of Ecomhunt winning products include?

Here are all the things to look for when selecting your Ecomhunt product:

  • ✅ Keyword product titles

This section includes the actual product name and the SEO title of the product that people are looking for with this keyword when searching for the product. If you write a good title for your product when people search for products in the search engine, your products will rank higher, their traffic will increase and as a result, your conversion will increase.

  • ✅ Product image

 Next to each product introduced in Ecomhunt, there are high-quality and clean images that you can download and use in your e-commerce store.

  • ✅ Product Description

Ecomhunt also provides a complete description for each product that is search engine optimized, and you can read this information to get a better description of your product in the dropshipping store. But copying these descriptions is not a good idea, because anyone can do it.

  • ✅ Oberloo button

You can use the Oberlo button to transfer your desired products directly to your Shopify store without doing anything. If you are one of those people who work in stores that use the Shopify platform, this option is very convenient and you will save time by taking advantage of it.

  • ✅ Product save button

With this button, users can save their favorite products in Ecomhunt and easily access them whenever they want.

  • Ecomhunt Expert Advisor (Jack Catching)

 Jack Kaching is a product consultant and always answers users’ questions about products in a Facebook messenger. You can ask any question you have. This is a unique feature that is only available on Ecomhunt and there is nothing like it in other winning tools.

  • ✅ Product saturation inspector

This feature helps you to get complete information about how viral this product has been among other vendors so far. The inspector gives you statistical saturation of the total number of product sales stores so far. The higher this number, the more saturated the product is.

  • ✅Your profit and cost

The profit and cost index allows users to calculate the cost of each product for the supplier and the potential profit from each product.

  • ✅ Product analysis

The analysis provided of each product in Ecomhunt is taken from the supplier website on AliExpress and allows you to thoroughly review all product data.

  • ✅ Interact products on social networks

Product interaction is basically all the reactions of users on social networks to the product such as liking, sharing, comments, and so on.

  • ✅ Links to the source

This feature links you to the actual product and supplier. But linking to the supplier is only possible for users who pay.

  • ✅ Facebook ads and targeting

This option is only possible for users who pay. This Ecomhunt feature is especially useful for those with little experience in Facebook advertising.

  • ✅ Instagram influencer

Ecomhunt lets you find potentially influential people on Instagram and use them to promote your products. These ads are offered at a more affordable price compared to Facebook ads. This feature is great for those who are just starting out with dropshipping or don’t want to pay more. Using Instagram Influencer will greatly reduce your costs. If you research the influencer niche properly, you will get the desired result much faster.

  • ✅ Real buyer reviews from AliExpress

In this section, the comments of real buyers are placed on AliExpress, which can provide you with useful information about the product. You can also use these comments as reviews in your e-commerce store.

💡 EcomHunt Pricing

EcomHunt offers two membership programs to its users:

  • Free
  • Pro

 Ecomhunt in the free membership program allows its users to access 2 products daily, but limited product data is provided to the user. Ecomhunt also allows free users to access updated products after three days. Users in the free plan will not have access to the following:

  • targeting
  • Advertising
  • Product links
  • Stores are selling products
  • Nominations
  • Etc.

If you are one of the users who have a free subscription and want to have full access to this information, you have to pay and get a paid subscription.

💡 Ecomhunt Pro membership program

The Pro membership plan, unlike the free plan, gives you access to all the daily product information on EcomHunt. You will have access to things like store links, product introductory videos, targeting, Facebook ads, and all the data we introduced in the previous sections. Another feature in the Pro membership plan

 You will have access to it, it is the Ad Hunter plugin.

EcomHunt’s monthly subscription costs $29.00. If you purchase an annual subscription plan instead of a monthly subscription, you will benefit from a pricing discount that allows users to enjoy a 41% annual discount if they choose this app. If you are not a member of EcomHunt yet, I suggest you sign up for its free plan and upgrade whenever you want.

💡 Review the Pros and Cons of EcomHunt

Like any other product, EcomHunt has its pros and cons. In fact, some users agree with it and some disagree. Here are some pros and cons of EcomHunt:

💡 Pros

Facebook Advertising Insights:

EcomHunt introduces users to potential Facebook people to use to sell and promote their daily products. This way, you will know your customer circle in terms of gender, age, and so on. In fact, EcomHunt does all the hard work for you.

  • ✅ Hot products:

The most important option that EcomHunt gives you is to know the winning products. It is very important that you access these products for sale before they go viral.

  • ✅ Niche products:

In addition to introducing popular and competitive products, EcomHunt lets you find your hot selling products. So you can find your favorite store product for sale.

  • ✅ Facebook AdHunter:

One of the amazing features of EcomHunt is that it provides Chrome extensions for free to its members. You need to know that AdHunter is a big deal, however, you get it for free as a member of EcomHunt. This tool allows you to spy on your competitors’ ads on Facebook and use them to change the ads to get better sales.

  • ✅ Links to a reseller and existing stores :

This feature allows you to access the actual product supplier on AliExpress.

This feature is also for professional members only and is not offered in the free version. Your link to AliExpress and from there you can easily import the product with the Alidropship plugin for WordPress or WooCommerce or easily use Oberlo through the Shopify platform. On the other hand, you will link to the stores that sell the products you want and you will have access to more products.

💡 Cons

  • Free membership:

Free membership in this tool is very limited and does not provide such data to the free user. All attractive features and data are provided for Pro members and you will not have access to them for a free membership.

  • Limited products:

There are few winning products introduced daily by EcomHunt. These products can be more and more diverse.

💡 Conclusion

At the beginning of e-commerce, you should be able to find the winning products and in the next step, you should know how to sell your products quickly and make a profit. The reason for EcomHunt’s popularity is that its features allow the user to quickly make a profit by identifying and selling winning products.

The main feature that EcomHunt offers to its members is the introduction of winning and popular products. EcomHunt reassures its users that it is introducing the best and newest products to them every day. In fact, the most important part of e-commerce is finding the winning products, the most popular products that people really want to buy, and EcomHunt takes over.

So if you are a member of EcomHunt, you can quickly become a professional in e-commerce by accessing winning products. On the other hand, you can easily sell them through Facebook marketing. The complete information that comes with your products also allows you to create a Facebook advertising campaign and find and target the real audience of your products. So, with EcomHunt product data, you can start selling your products with confidence and ease. That’s why I recommend EcomHunt.


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