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SaleSource is an all-in-one artificial intelligence-based Dropshipping automation solution that helps businesses scale their businesses by sourcing and selling products on multiple channels

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How Does SaleSource Work?

You can use this platform on a desktop computer and a mobile device. SaleSource also offers a 7-day free trial and you just need to create an account and instantly access the analysis of your top 5 products.

This tool automatically searches for top-notch suppliers, creates high-quality product videos, and uses premium tools to create high-quality reports for each product. Browse all competitors, find bestsellers, and get access to popular new products in one click.

With the personalized features of successful Drop Ship at SaleSource, you can see Drop Ship suppliers in the USA, products for viral videos, and watch bestsellers or Shopify stores. Thanks to a reliable supplier form, you can take advantage of factory prices for each product and 7-day delivery from China to the United States.

🔄 Product Analyzer

Product Analyzer helps merchants access all the information about different products that they may want to add to their stores. The SaleSource Chrome extension allows us to import as well as upload images of the work.

The product analyzer feature is one of the best SalesSource’s parts. It aids in reducing the time that it usually takes when you manually search for any product in a considerable amount. This feature can gather a list of competitive sellers, marketing videos for products, sales locations, etc.

🏅 SaleSource Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension of SaleSource lets you analyze rival products. You can dominate dropshipping and product research with this powerful tool. You don’t need to import data or images in order to do product research.

It automatically triggers you when a user navigates to browse product listings on the SaleSource platform.

The Chrome extension also provides details of product specifications, sales charts, supplier details, and important data of that product’s pricing.

🔄 Competitor Analysis

SaleSource empowers users with detailed competitor analysis and reporting. In the ‘Store Center’, you can do things like:

  • View every other store selling your chosen product
  • Determine which competitors are the most successful
  • See how much potential revenue you could make
  • View (and copy) the best ads for the product
  • Discover competitor product descriptions
  • Uncover what apps & themes competitors are using
  • Track competitor stores over time
  • See what other products competitors are selling

🔎 Product Video Finder

This feature contains top-performing marketing videos that will give you a concept of marketing campaigns. You can learn from the videos from the top sellers and use their tactics for your stores.

Powerful Navigation Design

SaleSource can create a navigation bar that stores products or services in the store. This allows customers to find the right product at the right time.

Creating and managing Google Analytics can be a daunting task for many. Relax, SaleSource can place a Google analytic here for you.

👑 Why Choose SaleSource?

Most users do not know which provider to contact if they want to buy something. Many are in a hurry and do not waste time to find out which provider best suits their needs.

When people buy products online, they don’t just buy products. This is the marketing, brand, trust, and lifestyle that this product represents.

SaleSource dropshipping lets you focus on product marketing. In other words, you can say the right things at the right time and give the right person the right amount. Since it does not store inventory, these things can be done for free. In addition, you do not have to deal with most other e-commerce management issues.

🏅 Pricing Plans of SaleSource

SaleSource offers a free 7-day trial which includes complete access to the tool. You’ll be able to explore its full functionality, test out each of its features (hopefully find a winner!), and then decide if you’d like to continue using it.

When your 7-day free trial is up with SaleSource, you can choose between the essential plan at $29/mo or opt for the pro plan at $49/mo (there’s also an elite plan which includes up to 5 users). Both the essential plan and the pro plan give you access to the software’s full features, but the pro comes with the added ability to source products at factory prices, custom conversion training, and advertising support.

Pricing for SaleSource is extremely reasonable when you factor in the hours you’ll save searching for products, researching competitors, and looking for marketing collateral

👑 SaleSource Review Conclusion

Shopifybeginnerguide’s favorite aspects of SaleSource are definitely store tracking and market competitor analysis. They’re the most popular parts of the platform, and it’s not hard to see why. Being able to type a rival store’s URL into SaleSource and have it instantly identify their most successful products, estimated revenue, and other key details are extremely useful.

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