7 Proven Ways To Improve Email Open Rates


To connect, educate, and build a robust connection with customers, email marketing is still the most powerful way. Your digital marketing approaches may end up in disappointment without the support of well-executed email campaigns. Here is the Shopifybeginnerguide presents, 7 Proven Ways to Improve Email Open Rates. Well, let’s get into it. 😊

What is the email open rate?

In a nutshell, the email open rate is the percentage of people on an email list who open an email. For example, if you send emails to a list of 1000 people, and 200 recipients open those emails, your email open rate is 20 percent.

💡 TIP 1: Create Engaging Subject Lines

The subject line is one of the first things your subscribers see from your email when they check their inboxes. That is why to create successful email marketing campaigns and Improve your email open rates take your time and write relevant and compelling subject lines.

💡 TIP 2: A/B test

In addition to optimizing your mailing times, play around with split testing within your list.

Let’s say you have 10,000 people on your list. Before sending out a mass mail, send a message with Headline A to an initial group of 500, and Headline B to another group of 500. Then use the winning headline to amp up your open rates with the remaining 9,000 people.

💡 TIP 3: The Quality of Your Content is Very Important

There is no bigger booster for your email open rates than sending your audience emails with relevant, interesting, and important content. If you simply promote your products constantly with a pushy sales copy, don’t get surprised if no one opens, reads, or interacts with your emails. Prepare your email campaigns carefully, don’t push sales too much, and don’t email too frequently and you will successfully increase your email open rates.

💡 TIP 4: Don’t Forget Your Mobile Users

According to BlueHornet, 67.2% of consumers use a smartphone to check their email. The obvious tip here is to make sure your email is mobile-­friendly (with responsive formatting and loadable media), but also consider the fact that mobile screens are smaller, so long subject lines won’t be viewable on mobile devices.

💡 TIP 5: Segment Your List

When people decide whether or not to open an email, one of the most important factors is whether or not they think the email is relevant to them.

The best way to increase the relevancy of your emails? By segmenting your email list.

You can start by adding tags to your subscribers based on behavior, such as purchase behavior. So, when someone becomes a paying customer, you send them different types of emails than you would send to someone who has not purchased anything yet.

💡 TIP 6: Keep your list fresh

In addition to collecting high-quality leads, it’s important to keep your list fresh and clean. Review it periodically and remove inactive subscribers or emails with a hard bounce.

💡 TIP 7: Send at the right time

Timing is everything in marketing — especially email marketing. Be sure that you’re sending your emails at the best times given their message, audience, and intent. You can find this out through testing, or do research on your industry to see what results tend to be.

Some studies show that more people open their emails during weekdays compared to weekends. Additionally, the majority of recipients open their emails in the morning, just before midday.

Email marketing isn’t going anywhere. Use your data to understand your customers and play to their unique interests, use best practices for writing emails, and avoid using phrases that turn your subscribers off—and you’ll be able to avoid the dreaded “unread” curse.

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